My ubuntu linux desktop

                   Recently I came across 2 wonderful apps in the linux system conky and avant window navigator, and as per the general consensus, ubuntu is by far not the best looking distro in linux, but that was all fine with me , I always gave priority to performance and most of the time my compiz is turned off, today I came across this video by softpedia where they made their desktop chritmasy , and I was sold , the amount of effort that guy put was negligible as compared to the awesomeness of UI, being a minimalist I decided to give a simple overhaul to my system by just include avant and conky and the result is my desktop turned from human theme to this screenshot

here we have two conky running alongwith avant window navigator, I will update this post with steps later.

Ubuntu wireless problems - No LED

This is a continuation of one of my previous posts, as everyone agrees wireless in linux is not at par with that of windows and for obvious reasons , but I am using a Dell inspiron laptop so in previous versions it certainly worked out of the box,
             In june my windows install hit with a virus, I wiped out whole of it and become first-class citizen of linux world, everything was working fine with my linux box, and with arrival of Ubuntu 9.10 as a dedicated netizen I too upgraded my system with this new version , but 9.10 breaks a lot of things and wireless is one of them , as suggested in bug-reports I enable hardware drivers and activated the broadcom wireless driver, still no light on my laptop LED, no worries since I use my laptop primarily in my hostel as a desktop computer without much use of mobility, I was content with primal wire net-connectivity, the tragedy stuck when my room's LAN-port  gone all-dead, and like every other part of government machinery I knew our institute can not take care of this 30 minutes fixable problem(I am including commute time, beside replacement of hardware) in less than a week with proper administrative communication channel.
            The next and more feasible alternative is to switch myself to a previous version, and I did it , still no LED - but through some trial and error my wireless started working still no LED, today I read in some blog post that this LED is controlled by software, and I realized what a fool was I, lesson learned , back to Karmic.

Create local SVN repository in ubuntu

In this very short tutorial I will install a subversion in ubuntu (or Debian based linux for that matter) and create local repository of it.

I like version control, although I don't understand a large part of it perhaps because I am not experienced enough but if you want a case study just have a look at our very own WWW , there's story of people who claim it save their ass, inspired by these stuff and a small book entitled Head First Software Development , I decided to have my local repo to do this , before going forward consider these points,

  • I have a special case , I am preparing for SCJD certification and require version control software to have a more organized and less error prone development environment.
  • because this project is super-confidential(as per Sun  Microsystem I am not allowed to share it) I cannot use my wonderful IDE(Netbeans 6.7 ) and it's integrated Kenai plugin to host it in, since the project there, are open(but read-only)
  • keeping above point in mind I decided to have local repo for the same and with help of this wonderful book and worldwideweb I got it running in jsut under 10 minutes
Here's my steps

fire up terminal (Application>Accessories>Terminal) or Alt+F2(type gnome-terminal in appeared box), in case you're KDE guy(no offence , KDE 4 is cool, I just like Gnome better) get your kTerminal or whatever you've for it.

in your terminal type following

sudo apt-get install subversion

this is depending on what you prefer aptitute or apt-get , do whatever you'like,you'll get a prompt to enter your user password enter it, and apt will take care of rest

after above process complete, in your terminal type this


for example I have my repo in ~/svnrepo directory, you can have it anywhere you want, my command will be

svnadmin create /home/vaibhav/svnrepo

In tradition linux fashion if all goes well nothing will be printed , this signifies everything goes well,
you have a svnrepo installed in you system

if you want to integrate your svn repo with netbeans , and use it from netbeans to maintain projects here is the link for doing the same

Ubuntu System freezes, ext4 , Carmic and wireless

Looks like lot have changed in the linux world , since my recent installation, I had lot's of problem , this is Jaunty I know, it is blazingly fast , sure though but everything is caused due to my fault, first I selected ext4 as my filesystem during installation , that said , it is fast, they say that but I dont know from my experience, I intend to use it though because notification system really looks cool , and boot time is mind-blowing , oddly enough , these number of problem whenever occured on my Windows Box , I will definitely re-install it, because I hate to hunt down Vista-forum for a fix, but I like fixing problem here, they give you some kind of control, but that is relly BS , I use it because I like it and because it is not windows, coming to my problem here is what happened,

  • First since I installed Jaunty with ext4 as my file system, there are occasional system freezes , I experienced it 3 times in a day, it has something to do with movement of files , deleting etc., which triggers the freeze , the freeze is like nothing seem to work no Alt+Ctrl+Backspace just do a hard reboot, ubuntu is currently with kernel 2.6.29.x which have this bug associated with bug#330824 , and a workaround is listed there, install a latest kernel 2.6.29 or above which leads to next problem
  • I never had a chance to compile kernel manually, I really never needed it, but this time I need it , it is easy though but there is utility out there kernelcheck which can automate this for you , I thought this can work for me, but few surprises were waiting , I downloaded it from it's website and installed it using standard command, it installed graciuosly, here is a link on how to do this, I did that which lead to another problem
  • when I ran command sudo kernelcheck it listed an error , something about glade, xml , all in all it simply won't run , a little more digging and some help from nice folks of I came to know that the latest version of kernelcheck had some problem with jaunty (latest version being 1.1.14) so I now I had to remove it and install it's development version, but it leads to another problem
  • I am not a python programmer and google tells me that there is not a way to automatically uninstall this type of install, so I have to remove kernelcheck , but don't know since it is not installed from apt-get,
  • ubuntuforums guys again came to rescue this post entails how to for uninstalling
  • after uninstalling I installed latest kernelcheck which works fine, installed new kernel(2.6.30, this will take a while , maybe 2-4 hours ) everything seems good except after the reboot
  • the next time I booted my system , sorry no wire-less , I have broadcom wireless integrated which come with my dell inspiron which works fine with dell inspiron but looks like new kernel messed things up , and I am stuck here, perhaps upgrading to 9.10 alpha will do some good.

Ubuntu compiz problems

With my recent ramblings with Ubuntu , I just got something strange, I am a big Ubuntu fan because I really like there hardware support , and my findings are not baseless, in the times of edgy , Ubuntu was the only system which work perfectly on my P4 Intel machine , the bigwigs like Suse(no sound) and Fedora(No network ) failed me back then , I was lone Ubuntu user at that time in my batch and now more than 80% use it, so I may say that I am an early adopter in terms of demographics, that said , I never had any problems with either compiz or beryl , I heard several fables but they seem like myth to all of us, until an hour ago , On my freshly installed jaunty I just tried to enable Effects since UX was slightly breaking in none mode for some reason, I never use Extra setting because really they're just extra, not of any use for me, but when I enabled Normal effect what I got si some flashes, and a dialog box , saying effects cannot be enabled on my system , for heaven's sake this is my most advanced graphics machine up-to date(I never had any chance of using any graphics card because I am not much of a gamer or designer of any sort for that matter) , that said I turned my fate to the hands ubuntuforums and they did not disappoint me , this thread solved my problem, basically we override a blacklisted entry , for some reason my laptop's driver for graphics is blacklisted in jaunty , it may cause some potential problem but we can always refer to forum, and for that matter here's a cool tool to check your system compatibility with compiz, here's my system's output

Ubuntu wireless woes, back to Jaunty

For a fairly long time (3 months to be precise) i was hooked to Windows Vista not by choice , but due to lack official JavaFX support available on linux , since last week before JavaONE, that problem phased out, We have official supported SDK's available for linux, so it's time for me to get my Jaunty installation back(yes I was on Jaunty during the shift , although that was Alpha version), so I grabbed Ubuntu ISO from their site, created a bootable pen drive using unetbootin(I have a previous post on how to do this) , and after my several failed attempts to get my net working on live CD(I still can't figure why this happen , perhaps my ISP have a problem with this mode , or my modem which is a 2 years old defunct model, had lost it's glory), I figured, what the hell , lets have a fresh install, I did it , next came the herculean task getting my net working , pppoeconfig did not worked, my ISP is BSNL , a public- sector ISP which entails them to defy us of any help in terms of support , documentation or anything to be found at hte right place, that sat aside little bit of search helped, few site offered nothing but suddently I got my LAN connection working , that said , I cannot sa how it worked , the auto cannection did not worked for me so I created a new connection abruptly named 'Wired Connection 1' by Ubuntu with all the following settings,

and I suddenly it flashed with a notification , saying I am connected, good , now I have net connected to figure out wireless woes, but for my luck I had configured my modem for wireless when using windows and it worked nice enough there, I had WAP encrypted connection(I am a bit skeptic to share my limited bandwidth since it is very limited(30 kBps as of now)) , I roamed a little on WWW, no luck still , then I configured my auto Wireless connection as per connection settings as of lan and setting Wireless security to WPA and WPA2 personal (that is what I used in Wireless) , entering my keyphrase , and plugging out my ethernet cable , and voila! I got wireless access, now I can lay anywhere in my house and work silently on my jaunty box, I downloaded and.or installed few softwares , Netbeans JavaFX bundle, Java SUN Development kit , a few of firefox addons (addblock plus etc., ) installed and thought now I am good to settle, suddenly update-manager popped-up suggesting a 56 Mb update , this was low as compared to fact that 2 months have passed since the release of jaunty , I only do important updates,(the default one now) and closed my laptop lid and go to sleep, in morning I woke-up good to see my laptop shut down due to expiration of battery, opened my laptop and got no wireless , but a message -- device is unmanaged , connected my ethernet cable and stumpled upon this post from the source which rescue me more than I can count -- the ubuntu forums , This is the link , the experience was good, this might be a surprise but I had more trouble working my wireless for Vista then here, but that was because I had to also configured my modem for wireless access, but screw all of this I have a working net an fully configured and working ubuntu.

Thanks to bsnider, Intrepid ,more problems

recently, I got troubled in my intrepid install twice, making my system unbootable

case 1:

  • graphical problem in intrepid, making blurry graphics, and always resetting monitor and card settings to generic mode.
  • solution : reconfigure xorg through dpkg adn then perform a flea power reboot  
  • courtesy: bsnider from #ubuntu+1 channel at

  • edited /etc/environment which made intrepid unstable with following message " your session lasted less then 10 seconds...." during logon . messing up $PATH variable.
  • I am not sure but I rather modified he path variable completely rather than appending it.
  • solution: wipe out all the lines from /etc/environment file except first line and set permission of /tmp directory, and free osme space in file system(anything could solve the problem.